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History of KEFE

The Association of Catholic University and College Students (KEFE) were formed in 1990, when a handful of young catholic students in Szeged, a university city in Hungary, touched by the wind of change in Eastern Europe decided to take action on this side. KEFE were the first association of the like. The history of KEFE has always been tied close to its local groups: whenever a strong local group emerged, the association started to flourish. Our members have taken part in the international Catholic youth life for long as well. After some years of decline, about a year ago, the new board of KEFE decided on a revival. Since then we have been working on strenghtening the association and its links to Hungarian Catholic youth and our international partners.

Aims of KEFE

Our essential aim is to srenghten Catholic intellectual life and to develop an open attitude in Catholic young intellectuals towards the society. Moreover, we would like to represent Catholic youth life in the secondary school and especially on the higher education level with regards to the specific lifestyle of the target group. We would like to show that following Jesus does not imply disadvantages int he life of a young person, ont he contrary: it makes it better. Ont he other hand we would like to make it natural for non-Christians that there are people in their environment who are Christians.

The three main characteristic features of KEFE are: quality, openness and political independency.



Our local groups organise plenty of activities freely in their cities on a local level. Our nation-wide, permanent acti- vities are:
- National Catholic Student Festival: a festival which has been carried out annually since 1992.
- Meeting of students in theology and religion: Annual conference since 2000.
- Unitas Cup: Student Olympia bet- ween the universities, first held in 2004.
- Theology-Days: Scientific conference on questions of theology since 2001.
- Study Session: Annual conference on a certain question of the society from a Catholic point of view.
- University Pastoral Conference: In 1995 KEFE initiated this conference and have been taking part in organi- zing it since then.
- Leader Training: This session starts in September and consists of eight weekends of trtaining and a summer camp. Its aim is to train people capable of managing the local groups of KEFE.

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